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YouTube Channel Art Template

I started EXCESSORIZE ME. about 2 years ago, because I’ve always been curious of all the products on the market and have always had an urge to try them. The issue with that is the same issue I had with my dating life a few years ago – I’d be interested to try it out in the beginning, but shortly after, would want to move on to try something else. Dating aside, I wanted to avoid wasting all the time and money spent on the products and find a way to make my purchases meaningful. So, I decided to write my own product reviews.

I Setup My Local WordPress To Update Themes

After graduating, I told myself I would get cracking on updating my “design” skills. I graduated with an Industrial Engineering degree and what I took away from this 5 years was that I sort of enjoy Web design. Mainly creating UIs and designing UX workflows. I find it fascinating trying to understand how users behave on Web pages, how they think, why they do what they do, and how we can work with users instead of against them. So I told myself I’d take some time off and work on a portfolio so that I could, maybe, apply to design firms that specialized in Web design, or maybe even work freelance. I just needed something to show them that I was capable.