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YouTube Channel Art Template

I started EXCESSORIZE ME. about 2 years ago, because I’ve always been curious of all the products on the market and have always had an urge to try them. The issue with that is the same issue I had with my dating life a few years ago – I’d be interested to try it out in the beginning, but shortly after, would want to move on to try something else. Dating aside, I wanted to avoid wasting all the time and money spent on the products and find a way to make my purchases meaningful. So, I decided to write my own product reviews.

Project: Free

DSCF6517I’ve always had the story of Willow Tufano and the red paperclip in the back of my mind whenever I do a trade, sale, or bargain. I came by Willow’s story through Ellen and I don’t recall how I learned about the red paperclip, but it always fascinated me how they got something from almost nothing. Willow ended up buying a house and continues to do so with her investments while the red paperclip led Kyle MacDonald to the little town of Kipling Saskatchewan who also offered him a home there.

I’m not looking for a new home (for the moment at least), but I am an avid deal seeker, and like all deal seekers know, the best deals are when you can get it for free – no strings attached. I love all the new products coming to market and I want to buy every one of them, but unfortunately I don’t possess the fortune to do so. So I’ve decided to start my own series of trades and bargains – my main platform of sales will be through Kijiji and I’ll utilize resources such as the RedFlagDeals (RFD) community to inform me of great bargains.