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How and Why I Rebranded My Blog, Again

4 months ago, I posted an article outlining my rebranding efforts for EXCESSORIZE ME. and the direction I wanted to head with the business. I’m back today to describe yet another shift and hopefully a clearer idea of where the brand as a whole is heading, along with another update to the logo and how I got there.

First, lets get into the visuals, because pictures are more interesting. I’ve outlined each version below with a few words describing the layout and idea.

rebranding_v1VERSION 1

I wanted to keep the imagery consistent with what I had already built the EXCESSORIZE ME. on, which is a hand holding an accessory or iPhone. This was the first rendition of trying to break down what I had in my original rebranding and simplifying it to its purest form.

rebranding_v2VERSION 2

Keeping with a minimal and simplified feel, I cut out more while trying to keep the distinct idea of a hand and an iPhone. The feedback I got here was that it looked like a microphone or the end of a USB cord. Once I described what it was meant to be, there was that, “Ohhhh…” moment.

rebranding_v3VERSION 3

The goal here was to make the iPhone look more like an iPhone and the hand to look more like a hand. I threw on the front layout of the iPhone screen, with its iconic home button, and curved the thumb in, which automagically gave it a more distinct hand look.

rebranding_v4VERSION 4

I was not satisfied with the hand, and was so deep into that idea, I couldn’t think outside the box anymore, so I went back to the drawing board and thought of different approaches. Here, the idea was to show a stack, possibly of different types of cases or smartphones behind an iPhone, which is defined to be the dominant smartphone.

rebranding_v5VERSION 5

I then started to explore typography as an option, I didn’t go very far with this; I had difficulty working with such a long name, so I tried shortening it. It wasn’t giving off the right message.

rebranding_v6_1VERSION 6 – 1

After consulting my intern, she convinced me to revisit the idea of the hand holding the iPhone, as I had already built recognition around that idea. So I started studying hands, how they hold things, where the fingers wrap around, and then I remembered the Facebook like button. I used that as an inspiration along with it’s association to liking something, and threw in an iPhone.

rebranding_v6_2VERSION 6 – 2

The final rendering came to this, I was happy with it, but further discussion lead to potential problems with it’s close association to the Facebook like button, so it was scrapped. I wanted something that could live on its own – something you’d recognize for itself and not be dependent on another point of reference.

rebranding_v7VERSION 7

I wanted EXCESSORIZE ME. to focus on accessories, cases specifically, so we switched from holding the front of the iPhone, to the back. This had more potential of looking like a case. I took what I learned from the earlier versions and added a bit more detail to show a better hand form. Line weights helped define depth, while still keeping it minimal.


I decided to rotate it straight, like I was raising up a case as a cult symbol. I defined some of the lining and added shade to make it pop. It’s a logo that resonates with how my videos flow and I hope for it to create a sense of community – a community of case lovers.


The purpose of EXCESSORIZE ME. is the same as I had originally laid out; I want to build a community of case lovers and be the go to resource for anything case related. I feel things are moving slower than I’d like, but the point is, it’s moving. With this rebranding, I’m hoping to be able to build an easier recognition for my work and become icon that can be referenced. I personally just think it’s cool to look at.

I’ve got a lot of plans for EXCESSORIZE ME., but plans are nothing but ideas that are waiting to be executed. So, look forward to future posts as I take you along my journey of building EXCESSORIZE ME. to the next level.

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