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Divide Me

Interactive Prototype:

Idea – To create a full screen web page that divided into equal squares every time you clicked on one.

Purpose – You can create art or abstractly plan out visual spacing, but there is no real world application at this point.

Resources – HTML, CSS, jQuery

Roadblocks – I had difficulty adding an event handler on dynamically created elements. At first, I targeted specifically the newly created divs, but the issue was that the handlers only attached onto what was already created on initial load. I learned to attach it onto an element that was always present and to target the class I was looking for by using the ‘on’ event.

$(document).on('click', '.start', function(){

Next – Add a tool selector to choose between a ‘paint’ or ‘divide’ tool, where the paint tool will allow you to change the colour of squares instead of divide them.

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