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How I Named My New Blog Series

As you all may not know, I also run another blog, EXCESSORIZE ME., that discusses, reviews, and informs readers about new cases and accessories for smartphones (mostly for the iPhone). I have been going through a rebranding of the site and its identity, which I previously wrote about here, and I am going to continue with a new post on how I named my new blog series.
In my EXCESSORIZE ME. rebranding article, I talked about 2 series I currently have going:

What The Case is meant to inform users of cases that are available around a general theme, such as protective or waterproof designs. Best Case Scenario discusses accessories to cover a certain type of event, such as a buying guide for Christmas or budget accessories for stocking stuffers. I have now decided to start a new series that highlights new releases of cases and accessories, but I have yet to come up with a name for it.

So I decided to briefly write about my process in brainstorming and deciding how to brand this specific series – the tools I use, the thought process, and the meaning behind each word.

Where Do I Start?

There is only 1 criteria when it comes to naming conventions on EXCESSORIZE ME.: it must include the word ‘case’. So that is where I would start my search. I started to search for idioms that contained the word ‘case’. I used The Free Dictionary, which didn’t give me what I wanted, and moved onto Googling other services. In the end, I used More Words to help me reach my new blog series name:


Why ‘Showcase‘?

This series will highlight new and updated news regarding cases and accessories. I started off with searching for synonyms of the word ‘new’, but came across words like ‘advanced’ or ‘recent’, basically, words that didn’t give catchy vibe to a name.

Showcase’ really hit the spot for me; by definition it means, ‘to exhibit or display’ and ‘to present in or as if in an entertainment showcase’, which to me basically translates into to ‘show off’. In summary, that’s what the blog series is about. The best part about it? It contains the word ‘case’.

Sometimes, it’s easier not to overthink it.

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