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Chimp – What Happens When Snapchat Has a Baby With Secret


Full disclaimer, I don’t actually use Snapchat or Secret. I just don’t see the value in them. However, I have been thinking about the idea behind them though – Snapchat allows you to capture and share the moment at a glimpse, while Secret allows you to tell a story without revealing yourself. So I thought, what happens when we merge the two?

I put pen to paper and created Chimp. (Currently in early alpha-beta-pre-sale stage)


chimp2To put the idea into an understandable framework, I use the Snapchat and Secret reference. But in actuality, the idea is based on the fact that sometimes, you just want to get something off your chest – you just need to say it out loud. In rough or happy times, you just want to scream, but there are usually consequences to what you say, especially online. What if you could say whatever you wanted, without any consequences? You don’t care who reads it, you just want it off your chest.

That’s what Chimp is built to offer, an outlet without any consequences. Write your message, allow anyone to see it, but after a certain period of time, it will disappear forever. In actuality, this is a social network. People will be glued to this site, waiting to gossip about what’s posted next with no idea who’s behind it – it’ll be addictive. But if you’re still not convinced, it’s basically the top secret messages Inspector Gadget used to receive that would self destruct after being read, just remarketed towards a global audience.



I want to keep this post short, so in a nutshell, I initially wanted to use Node but ended up with just jQuery. I started with using Scotch’s tutorial on creating a single page todo app with Node and Angular, which would’ve worked perfectly as a starting point, considering the whole function is the same, and I would’ve had to add in the timed removal of messages. But after many errors working with the frameworks, I decided to scrap it and start from scratch.

I started with Bootstrap, given the elements were all built up and I was familiar with it. I then simply created jQuery functions to add messages and also set timers to remove them. Bam, done.

Functions I’d like to add:

  • Setting your own time limit, currently set on 3 seconds, just because I wanted to
  • Upvoting posts, which then adds an additional X amount of time to it per upvote
  • Responsive sizing, a simple fix, but Bootstrap just makes me rage sometimes


I have no idea what could come of this and the possible uses for it. With apps like Yo raising $1 million in funding, I can’t even try and imagine what other ideas are worth anymore.

Check out Chimp here. Please don’t vigorously add messages to try and see how many you can add, my server will probably explode. All instances of the app will run locally, so there’s no database connected, this is just for prototyping purposes. Someone please steal this idea and make it a reality.

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