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Author: Vincent Tse

How I Landed A Job in the Advertising Industry

Kijiji LogoEvery night, before I go to bed, I visit Kijiji on my iPhone. I broadly set the category to “cameras, camcorders” and hit “Search”. This gives me all the listings in the category and I go through each one until I hit posts from the previous night. I do this because you never really know what you’ll find or realize what you need until you see it listed.

Like a GoPro I bought, which then landed me a job at AcuityAds.

Update Your Apple ID – Because It Matters Now

Remember a few years ago when an Apple ID was simply just another account? And like every other account, you used some junk email you had from when you were in grade school, like (not my actual email, feel free to message them anyways)? Well, that’s what I did, and what do you know, my Apple ID is one of my most important accounts nowadays.

I first got it when I received my first iPod Touch and I wanted to setup an account without any payment information for the apps. I used my old hotmail and since then, it’s collected quite a bit of historic information I’d like to keep moving forward, so I haven’t changed it since. There were days when I was determined to try and figure out how – I wanted to switch it to my main gmail so that it was a little more official and central to my other accounts. I tried figuring out how to create a new account and to then transfer all that information and payment history over, but turns out that’s impossible. But after receiving an invite to an Apple hiring seminar, I finally figured out a much, much, much easier way to do it.

Focus Management 101

If anyone has ever seen my calendar, you’ll know that I have a chunk of time most days of the week that I call a “Focus Block.” I learned this technique from Manage Your Day-to-Day: Build Your Routine, Find Your Focus, and Sharpen Your Creative Mind, which I recommend everyone to read if they want to learn from professionals, like Seth Godin to Scott Belsky, on how they manage their time to do the great things they do.

Excessive Tab Disease And My Remedy

I have an issue. I love to learn. Which means when I open one article and if it links to another related article, I’ll open that too. This leads to a lot of tabs, which means Chrome starts to demand a lot of resources, leading to performance issues and potentially overheating (worst-case scenario, AKA it’ll probably never lead to this).

Luckily for you, I’ve outlined my workflow to managing tabs.

Side, Side Projects – Web Scraping For Deals

Screenshot of App
In the midst of pursuing knowledge and learning WordPress development, I caught an article on Web scraping. I had initially learned about it from Adnan Kukic’s article on Scraping the Web With Node.js It got me interested in the idea and the possibilities – I for one would love to use it as a deals watcher on multiple sites (I’m always looking out for the opportunity to grab a new case for my iPhone and review it on Excessorize Me.).