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Month: July 2014

Chimp – What Happens When Snapchat Has a Baby With Secret


Full disclaimer, I don’t actually use Snapchat or Secret. I just don’t see the value in them. However, I have been thinking about the idea behind them though – Snapchat allows you to capture and share the moment at a glimpse, while Secret allows you to tell a story without revealing yourself. So I thought, what happens when we merge the two?

I put pen to paper and created Chimp. (Currently in early alpha-beta-pre-sale stage)

How I Landed A Job in the Advertising Industry

Kijiji LogoEvery night, before I go to bed, I visit Kijiji on my iPhone. I broadly set the category to “cameras, camcorders” and hit “Search”. This gives me all the listings in the category and I go through each one until I hit posts from the previous night. I do this because you never really know what you’ll find or realize what you need until you see it listed.

Like a GoPro I bought, which then landed me a job at AcuityAds.